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Brevet 600 – Um divisor de águas

O brevet de 600km é um divisor de águas para todo randonneur, pois é a última prova da série ( 200, 300, 400 e 600) e completada passamos a ser um Super Randonneur. A minha aconteceu entre os dias 27 ...
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Booyan Crescent – Double Everest

  17696 In April of 2015, I Everested Mount Kosciuszko for a second time, reaching an altitude of 10,500 vertical meters which was a personal record for me. This was the third time I had completed an Everest and of the three, ...
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We Farriers of The Horseshoe

No matter how long you think about "doing an Everest".....or how much you prepare for it, something will always hook you right in the chops somewhere along the way. Dealing with it and cracking the fuck on is where the ...
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The Journey : Turini sans limites

Turini sans limites As soon as the High Rouleurs challenge was launched, I began to draw routes to reach the 400 km, 10000 m elevation target. It was not a difficult task, given the nearly infinite number of beautiful climbs surrounding ...
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The Limit: “Is that all you’ve got?”

So here we are again. I’ve completed an everesting, I’m tired, I’m alone, it’s dark, and I still have more climbing to do. That’s three now, and I’m the first South Australian to achieve that feat. But I want more ...
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The Journey: 500 and 10

It wasn't planned, it was just a business trip, but a morning ride created some stoke, some friends fuelled it and after a last minute single meal carb-up plans changed.   Day 1. My first 300.   The day dawned perfectly with mist in ...
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The Limit: 5 Weeks in Hell

After hearing about Everesting I knew this was something I must do. I picked a hill road about 4k Meters of it as a preview and told myself, this will be easy! The next week on a random day starting at ...
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The Limit: Horrible Hill

I'd done an Everesting.  I didn't think I was going to do another.  "Been there, done that" - you know the drill.  Then one day on a solo training ride, I got to thinking whether the road I was training on ...
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